Permanent Jewelry

What is permanent jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is a unique process by which two ends of a chain are welded together to create a seamless strand of gold or silver that adorns the wrist, neck, or ankle, making it without clasps for removal. You are able to shower and exercise in our jewelry without the worry of having to remove it! Currently, we offer 14k gold-filled and sterling silver permanent jewelry.

Does permanent jewelry hurt?

No, this process is painless and fun! Unlike other permanent processes, like tattoos or piercings, permanent jewelry uses the "Orion mPulse-Arc" welding machine, which uses a micro laser beam that can only make contact and weld metal and NOT skin, fabric, etc. While there is a small spark, the spark is NOT enough to create any burns, abrasions, or pain.

How much does it cost?

Please view our "services" page to view the current pricing for our Permanent Jewelry service.

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2375 Railroad Ave. Suite 201
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